Saanich Police – Current Scams

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping Saanich safe, we have developed this page to provide current information about scams being perpetrated in the area, and scams we have seen in the past. With the help of our Financial Crimes Section we will keep this page current and ensure you have the most recent information.

There are an infinite variety of confidence tricks or con games that people use to make money from unsuspecting victims. No two scams are delivered in exactly the same manner. Many scams are very creative and elaborate and the perpetrators are very polished and persuasive. Scammers use the internet,telephone, mail or personal communications to perpetrate their crimes.

** There has been a significant number of reported scam attempts surrounding the CRA and tax evasion claims, most originating from the same Ottawa area code: 613-800-9167 ext 335. We can confirm this is a scam and not legitimately tied to the CRA. We are also seeing a large number of computer repair scams, the caller claims that they are affiliated with either Microsoft or Apple and that they can remove a virus from the users computer. The caller is then asked for their credit card information in order to “install antivirus software”. Members of the public are advised to seek the assistance of local and reputable computer repair companies and not have their computers serviced by phone or over the internet.

For any attempted scam/fraud, area residents that have not lost any money and have not provided personal or financial information (relating to a fraud or scam), who simply want to inform the appropriate organizations, can report it to the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre (CAFC) by calling 1-888-495-8501. – See more in our MEDIA RELEASE **

The best way to protect yourself from a scam is to be alert. Do not hesitate to question or verify any transaction you make involving your money or your personal information. Do not allow yourself to feel pressured to make a decision you are not sure of and beware of unsolicited calls or e-mails that concern your finances. Be very careful with your personal and financial information.

Everyone needs to be aware. Seniors can be particularly vulnerable as they are often specifically targeted. If you are scammed do not let embarrassment stop you from calling us and getting the help you need.

By Being Aware You Can Protect Yourself!

An excellent resource for scam prevention is the Government of Canada’s (Competition Bureau) “Little Black Book of Scams

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Current Scams

For general information on internet related fraud please see our financial crimes page in the Detective section.

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